Highly Bioequivalent Tested Fenbendazole

Product Description

You receive the following in the mail after you place your order:

a. ) 50  x 444 MG tablets of Fenbendazole.

b.) 22,200 total MG of Fenbendazole.

c.) Fenbendazole, which is manufactured in India but has passed in vivo bioequivalence testing by Brightwork Research. This provides a low price combined with quality control. You can see their explanation of this testing at this link.

d.) We make ordering very easy. Order using the order button; you will receive a tracking number after it ships.

e.) Most people think that our brands are the same everywhere. That is a reasonable assumption, but it is incorrect. Multiple manufacturers produce the same brand name of Fenbendazole, and they are not the same as each other. The specific manufacturer for the Fenbendazole we carry passed bioequivalence testing by Brightwork Research.

f.) Fenbendazole is rarely sold for human consumption. Nearly all of the Fenbendazole that you will find online are animal Fenbendazole. We only carry the human grade of Fenbendazole.

Dosage Questions

Brightwork Research Treatment Database has dosage information and other important information about Fenbendazole, cancer, a cancer protocol, and much more. They developed the Fenbendazole dosage calculators for treating cancer and the effects of the covid vaccines. It is a monthly subscription and covers the most information on using Fenbendazole and many other topics. We are Brightwork’s recommended source for Fenbendazole.


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