How Brands Like Iverheal or Iverjohn Work in India

About Brand Names

One of the things that confuses some customers is the brand names under which various versions of Ivermectin are made. Brand names like Iverheal or Iverjohn are not owned by any one company in India, nor can they be. This means that any company can begin manufacturing Ivermectin at any standard under any brand name they wish. For this reason, many versions of Iverheal, Iverjohn, and all of the other major brand names of Ivermectin are manufactured in India. Manufacturers like to produce under an existing brand name because of name recognition by customers (mostly outside of India). However, as you can see, this brand name recognition is an illusion. Anyone can begin manufacturing (insert the brand name) because there is no copyright protection for these brand names. Indian drug regulators have also not inspected the plants. The FDA does some inspections in India (they have offices there), but the inspections only occur when the factories are informed before the FDA inspectors arrive. The main reason the FDA has a presence in India is for the FDA to say they are enforcing standards on drugs destined for the US market. To learn more about this topic, see the Brightwork article Evaluating The TGA Warning Article on Counterfeit Indian Ivermectin.

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