We have a number of people who reach out to us to communicate their positive results from the Ivermectin we offer. We will be adding them to this page. We have to go through our email and find them so that they are not lost.

Testimonial #1

“I was diagnosed with Stage 4 triple n breast cancer in February of ’23. My lungs were full of tumors and my onc made it pretty clear he did not have high hopes for my outcome. He was also planning on a mastectomy and radiation, the tumor in my left breast was so large he never expected it to shrink enough for a lumpectomy, never mind go away altogether.
I got onto ivermectin immediately, started weekly high dose vitamin C infusions, got iv chemo and immunotherapy.
Well, 5 months in I was doing so well in terms of my numbers that my onc cut my chemo short. At 6 months I had a second PET scan … and every single tumor was gone. My numbers are all normal and stable, I’ve since had another completely clear scan and I have no evidence of disease.
I never had surgery or radiation either, and I’m absolutely convinced that ivermectin was a huge factor in my miracle.”