Question #1 = Does your company provide both Ivermectin and Fenbendazole?


Question #2 = Does your research show which one of these drugs is most effective against metastasized prostate cancer?

So, this is not our research but research from Brightwork. It is not uncommon for people to confuse us.
However, Brightwork covers how both drugs work against not only prostate cancer but many cancers as well as prostate. Brightwork recommends taking both because they work in slightly different ways against cancer.

Question #3 = If I buy your Ivermectin, what would be its expiration date?

A few months less than three years.

Question #4 = Is the only testing done on your Summit Ivermectin the result on animals? Why not do a lab test to prove the chemical composition is genuinely authentic Ivermectin? You would probably sell much, much more product.

Yes, it’s performed on animals. Brightwork questions the superiority of lab testing, such as with a machine. They have articles on this topic at their site. They chose animal testing because they believe it is superior. The primary reason machine testing is performed is because it is faster.

Question #5 = Do you have testimonials from humans on their experience with your Ivermectin and Fenbendazole against prostate cancer?

Yes. See our testimonials page.

Question #6 = Can you provide Merck’s Ivermectin?

No. We carry the Ivermectin recommended by Brightwork, which is highly bioequivalent to the Merck original but significantly lower cost.

Question #7 = Where is your Fenbendazole manufactured, and how do you test it against prostate cancer?

Its made in India also, and also tested for bioequivalence. There are two different types of testing that need to be understood.
  1. It’s tested by Brightwork for bioequivalence. That determines how close the drug is to the original Merck version. For details on this testing see the article at Brightwork on testing.
  2. The tests against different cancers are from the research literature and are referenced in the articles for each specific cancer type.


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