Dosage Questions + Brightwork Subscription

Questions of Dosage

Most of the questions we receive are related to dosage, times per day to us the drugs, drug interactions, etc.. These questions are almost always answered at Brightwork Research Treatment Database.

If you ask us either questions about dosage or other questions, we will respond with a link to an article from the Brightwork site. This is extremely efficient and it enables complete information to be communicated.

Also, we provide Ivermectin and other drugs. But we are not experts on these drugs, how they work, etc. Brightwork is. They have the most information on these drugs and the ailments they address. This should be clear as we are a provider of drugs; we are not a research entity.

See their article index for all the information that they cover.

How Dosages For Drugs Are Developed

Brightwork Research Treatment Database has done the necessary research and delivers all the information at their website on the usage and background information for Ivermectin. The drug company almost always develops drug dosages. Merck did this when they first developed and tested Ivermectin. What is public information is Ivermectin’s original use, which is as an antiparasitic. Merck invested and published that information decades ago for using Ivermectin as an antiparasitic, but they have not invested anything for any other use. That is why dosage and other instructions come with drugs; the pharmaceutical company produces them. However, Merck did not do that for any other Ivermectin use, even though Ivermectin has many other uses. If you ask Merck, they will say the drug can only be used as an antiparasitic. Ivermectin competes with several other Merck drugs that are very inferior to Ivermectin, so Merck does not want people using Ivermectin for any other purpose where they have drugs that are on patent.

How Brightwork Performed the Work on Ivermectin for Other Uses Outside of Being an Antiparasitic

Brightwork has a cancer dosage calculator based on many cancer studies and articles that explain everything you need to know. This link will take you to the dosage calculators they offer. They have also researched dosage calculations and incorporated this research into their dosage calculators, which are customized to the individual. You can read about this in their this article (that is open to all) at The Problem With Dosage Calculators in Medicine.

We highly recommend subscribing to them, as they have other essential information about Ivermectin. They have the most information on Ivermectin overall and Ivermectin versus cancer. They explain its effect, the studies, etc — and they have an excellent cancer protocol. They also cover the effectiveness of all the conventional cancer treatments, and they have a recommended list of items to do that also help against cancer.

Understanding Our Different Roles in Your Health Improvement

We offer various drugs, but Brightwork has all the information on how to use Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, and Mebendazole versus cancer. For example, they tested the Ivermectin we carry for bioequivalence.

The Ease of Communication to Customers

If you subscribe to them, both they and I can communicate with you by sending you links to their articles that answer your questions. It’s just a very efficient way to go about it. Please do not put us in the position of repeating information that is far better and fully explained at the Brightwork website.

Why You Should Go to the Source

It’s not a good idea to have us answer questions for you that are answered in a much more comprehensive fashion on their website. Many people think that they don’t have to read articles or use calculators and they need information like dosage; however, in reality, several questions follow this, and there are many other important areas to understand. Brightwork has some of the most comprehensive coverage of any drug’s primary and related topics. It’s a great resource and a bad idea to try to save some money by not accessing their content. Do not look to us to fill in the gap if you decide not to subscribe.

Who Else is Offering You Dosage Information For Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, or Mebendazole?

No one who sells these items offers this information for free. We have prospective customers who say they want something but don’t appear to compare what is available in the market. The vast majority of those who sell these items don’t have any idea about using them for anything but antiparasitic medications. If you ask them a question about using these drugs for the items for which there are calculators at Brightwork, they will have no answer for you.

How Do I Get the 12 MG Pills to Match the Dosage from Brightwork’s Calculator

See The Brightwork Guide to Pill Cutting to Get to the Right Dosage.

What if You Don’t Want to Pay for a Subscription?

If you are asking us questions because you are not subscribing to Brightwork’s site because you don’t want to pay their subscription fee —but you still want the information— then you will have to do without their information. If you have no interest in learning about anything but dosage and think that is all you need, join for a month and then unsubscribe.

A Comparison of Costs to Everyday Items

A Denny’s breakfast bill is $25 for one person, and it seems that $35 per month (we assume you eat out more than once a month) for all the information is much better than a meal or 1.3x a meal at Denny’s. We have been told that they will continue to eat out multiple times per week, but they will spend many hours searching the internet trying to circumvent subscribing to Brightwork’s site. That same person would never go into Denny’s and demand a free meal.

The Problem With Circumventing the Subscription

There is no way for us to answer emails and cover the topics on their site. We can not properly represent all of the information on the website, and we only know a handful of the articles ourselves.