Canadian Customers

Instructions for Canadian Customers

We don’t ship because Canada is very restrictive. So we recommend shipping to either a friend’s house in the US or to a UPS Store or similar shipping store close to your city of residence. This is not all that inconvenient for most Canadians, as they live close to a US city.

Then, pick up the package in the US and drive it back over.

How Shipping Stores Work

Almost all shipping stores will accept packages for a fee, typically around $5 per package. All UPS Stores offer this service.

As you may not want to continue this process, buying a larger amount than usual would make sense, so you don’t have to do this too often. You can also make an enjoyable trip out of it or combine the trip with something else you want to visit in the US.

This approach has worked for a number of previous customers.

Any Concern About Buying Large Quantities

We protect the shipment by replacing the shipment if it is undelivered. So you can order with confidence.

What To Do After the Package Arrives

All shipments come with a tracking number so you will know when the package arrives.

It’s always good to call the UPS Store after the package has arrived to tell them you are coming to pick it up.

Good Ship To Locations in the US

Most Canadians live in either Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Edmonton.

We have found a well-rated UPS store across each of these cities as a convenience for our customers.

a.) For Vancouver Customers

Store #1

This UPS Store is very close to the border. (see Google Maps Link)

It’s not very well-rated.

Store #2

This store is better rated but, unfortunately, is 25 miles further south. But if you are driving further south to as part of your trip, you might want to use this UPS Store instead. (see Google Maps Link)

b.) For Toronto Customers

This UPS Store is very close to the border and well-rated. (see Google Maps Link)

c.) For Montreal Customers

This UPS Store is very close to the border and is a very well-rated store. (see Google Maps Link)

As we get more feedback on these stores, we will add it here and probably add more stores. But of course, you are free to find your store — these are just suggestions.

d.) For Calgary and Edmonton Customers

Calgary and Edmonton are too far from the US border to make this strategy practical. However, you might have a friend in one of these cities above, and they might be willing to do this for you. Once they have it in Canada, they can easily send it to you through the post.


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