We sell Ivermectin which has been tested for bioequivalence

With all the suspect quality Ivermectin, make sure you get Ivermectin that is tested for effectiveness.

The Product

You will receive the following in the mail after you place your order:

a.) The Individual Item: 12 MG tablets of Ivermectin.

b.) Depending upon which option you order below, Either of the following: (70 pills) 840 MG, (100 pills) 1200 MG, or (150 pills) 1800 MG.

Important Details About This Ivermectin

This Ivermectin is manufactured in India but has passed in vivo bioequivalence testing by Brightwork Research. Ivermectin made in countries like the US or Germany is significantly more expensive, which is why Brightwork found Ivermectin to be cost-effective while also being tested for bioequivalence. That is the same Ivermectin that we carry. You can see their explanation of this testing at this link.

Shipping Details

a.) Shipping Cost

USPS Shipping to the US is free. International shipping is not.

b.) How Long It Takes To Arrive

We ship from the US. 

On average, US shipments take 3 to 6 days from placing the order until it arrives. We ship from the Mountain Time Zone, so orders from the Western/Mountain states arrive in around three days, while orders from the East take closer to 6 days. However, it can take up to 7 days, depending on whether there is a weekend in between or if the order is placed after 4:00 PM MST. Around 1 out of 20 shipments ends up delayed by USPS, which adds on around four days in most cases. 

You can also select USPS Priority Mail, for an extra $15. You can choose faster shipping at checkout. 

International shipping takes roughly a week and a half. 

  • See below for international shipping customers.

c.) Tracking Number

Tracking numbers are sent out at the end of the day. We go to the post office after 4:00, so then we have to come back and send out the emails for the shipments from the day. That is when we have the tracking numbers ourselves. 

Our Customer Service

We have a high percentage of repeat customers and are responsive to emails. Feel free to test this by emailing us before ordering at support@summitproducts.org. Also, we tried to answer the typical questions people would have but feel free to reach out if you have any unanswered questions.

We are, however, on Mountain Time, so if you are from the East Coast and email us in the morning your time, it may be a few hours until we respond. 

How We Are Different as a Source

  • We are integrated with Brightwork because we are familiar with the articles and can send article links to subscribers to help answer questions.
  • We also have information on how to use Ivermectin, Fenbendazole, or Mebendazole for cancer or autoimmune disease. Most sources for these drugs are unfamiliar with these topics, so we offer a different value proposition as alternative providers.

Can You Order If You Are Not a Brightwork Subscriber?

Yes, you can. But once it arrives, you will have questions about usage, which is where the subscription comes in. If you have a question about dosage, rather than email us, see the article Dosage Questions. If you email us with dosage questions, our answer will be to send you this article. Everything related to trying to circumvent the Brightwork subscription is explained in the article. 

Concerned About Ordering Online?

Many people are worried about ordering online. However, you will generally receive a tracking link the same day or a few days later if it’s a weekend. So there is little risk. If we were to not follow through on the order, you would open a credit card dispute, and you would win. So again, it’s difficult to see where the risk is. 

Typing in Your Phone Number

When you enter your phone number in the order form, put “1” before your phone number. 

Place Your Order Below

Option #1 = 600 MG of Ivermectin in 12 MG (50 Tablets or 5 Strips) = $145

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Option #2 = 1200 MG of Ivermectin in 12 MG (100 Tablets or 10 Strips) = $275

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Option #3 = 1800 MG of Ivermectin in 12 MG (150 Tablets or 15 Strips) = $400

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This is the lowest cost per MG option.

International Shipping

Shipping outside the US is $30, including shipping and customs documentation. 

We do not currently ship to Canada or Europe. 

Canadian Customers

We have a special page for Canadian Customers. If you live in Canada, select this link.

Please read that page before you order. 

Other Countries

You can check the countries we ship to by selecting the country drop-down on the order form below. We are adding more as we test shipping to more countries. If you believe your country should be added, email us about adding the country you live in. 

Protection on Undelivered Shipments

  • We assume the risk of undelivered items.
  • If a package is undelivered—or lost in transit (which is rare)—we will cover the cost of sending a replacement. 

Why Don’t We Carry 3 MG or 6 MG Pills?

  • We only carry 12 MG Ivermectin because using 3 MG and 6 MG pills would require significantly more pills and are also more expensive per pill.
  • In terms of getting to the correct dosage when your dosage is less than a multiple of 12 MG, any pill can be cut to get to the right dosage.

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